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Dragon Age II Free Download, you are Hawke, a refugee seeking to escape the darkspawn-plagued land of Felderen and become Champion of Kirkwall. Rise to power and fight epic battles while making decisions that determine the course of civilization.

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Dragon Age 2 is the sequel of the role playing game Dragon Age: Origins. It was launched by the famous Bioware, who decided to duplicate the success of the first edition and released the next part in 2011. It`s worth mentioning that Dragon Age: Origins was compatible with xBox 360, Playstation and PC and it has received many rewards, being one of the top ten games of 2009. Your pursuit of power begins now. How will you seal your place in history? Experience a decade’s worth of battles and intrigue thanks to a nonlinear narrative that keeps the action coming. A redesigned dialogue system gives more context to your decisions and helps players create a fully realized, multi-dimensional character. Dozens of spells and 3 battle companions give players endless options in battle. Stay in the moment with fast-paced combat, or pause the battle and make every move count by issuing individual orders. Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age II Free Download:

Your actions carry greater weight than ever, and you’ll need to think long-term because you have an entire decade to reach your goal. Every dialogue and battle decision affects your standing with party members. Maximizing your friendship opens up even more options. The gameplay doesn`t differ much from the previous part. To begin you must choose one of three classes – a warrior, a magician or a robber. By passing quests and killing enemies, you will gain points of experience, which can be spent on the skills’ development. You will have three assistants. A player can act as one person, either the main character or one of his comrades. As he does this, the others are directed by the computer. Battles are more dynamic now, and it makes the game more captivating.

Before the start, a player can download the saved files from the first part. Otherwise, he can choose one of three storylines. As the second edition depicts another part of the world, the previous events don’t influence the plot.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows Vista with SP3

  • Processor:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    7 GB

  • Graphics:

    ATI 3850 512 MB

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