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About Game The House of the Dead Collection Free Download

The House of the Dead Collection Free Download, is a Rail Shooter : no freedom of movement or backtracking to finish the job: you follow a pre-calculated trajectory, and your viewfinder scans the environment you cross. You must kill, eliminate, slaughter all the creatures that come your way.

The House of the Dead Collection Install-Game:

There are zombies, but also mutants who shoot you with barrels and various weapons. You follow the trajectory, but at the bend of a wall or a door, a mutant dog, a gargoyle, an evil monkey, a larva full of acid or a carnivorous frog arise to destroy you. There are also undead armed with axes or chainsaws. No movement to manage, just a trigger to activate, and a gun to reload, left click to shoot, right click to reload. And since you don’t have ammo rations, it’s best to reload at the end of each shootout. The number of lives is displayed at the bottom of the screen with flames, and the score is present at the very top. During the game, you have to destroy everything you can: objects house health potions, sometimes extra life. And you have to try to save the lives of scientists chased by mutants: this increases the final score and gives bonuses.

The House of the Dead Collection Free Download:

The game has three options: the arcade mode resumes the game as it was developed by SEGA for its arcade cabinets. The PC mode gives you the choice between Rogan, G, a scientist or Sophie, as a character to play. This does not change the scenario (for example, you will face the boss Chariot type 27, at the end of the first level, with Sophie who is apparently killed by this monster: and if you play as Sophie, it will still be her who s collapses in front of you…). Too bad for the scriptwriting inconsistencies, the interest lies elsewhere. Note that the choice of playable characters has an impact on shooting efficiency, on vulnerability, on the reload speed of your weapon… And a two-player cooperative mode is possible, but has not been tested in this regard. which concerns me. The third mode, that of the bosses, allows you to face the four bosses of the game, Chariot, Handgemen, Hermit or Magician. And you can also face all four of them one behind the other in a real challenge. Very useful to learn how to kill them, and precisely determine all their weak points. Finally, from the menu screen, you can select the level of difficulty, the volume of music and sounds, and consult the scoreboards.

System Requirements
  • OS:

    Windows 10

  • Processor:

    Intel Dual Core

  • Ram:

    4 GB

  • Storage:

    1.5 GB

Game Details
Download Here  Game Size: 846 MB
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